web summit 2022

Web Summit 2022

Welcome to all the visitors attending this year's Web Summit here in Lisbon, which starts on Monday 1st November 2022. The event is now officially sold ot with over 50,000 visitors expected at what has become the largest tech conference in the world.

Web Summit says there are three main reasons to attend: incredible speakers, "unparalleled" networking opportunities, and "proprietary" software that will maximise your experience. To the cynical, this doesn't represent anything that could not be done online. The carbon footprint of such an event must be truly staggering. Of course, the charm and allure of Lisbon is really what the event is all about, and that is the reason people come. How we manage such events sustainably in the future is certainly a discussion point for another day. For now, welcome to Lisbon.

Speakers at Web Summit 22

Web Summit does have something of a tradition of inviting interesting and surprising speakers. This year attendees can look forward to hearing from Thierry Henry who will speaking about online hate. Another footballer, Samuel Eto’o, is to be given the Web Summit Innovation in Sport award in Lisbon, a reflection of his achievements off the field as much as on it. Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen is also set to speak at Web Summit in her first live event interview.

Comedian Amy Poehler, Microsoft president Brad Smith, European Commissioner Margrethe Vestager and footballer Gerard Pique will all be speaking at the 2022 event, which will host 1,250+ startups, 1,500 journalists and 700+ investors set to discuss technology, society and more across Web Summit’s stages in Lisbon’s Altice Arena.

Web Summit Feedback

Many visitors to Web Summit have found the event unproductive, under-whelming and, dare we say, a bit of a waste of money. That said, one complaint nobody has is about the magical charm of the host city, Lisbon. If you need any help to find the Altice Arena, home of this year's event, or transport to and from the arena, we have prepared a short Guide to Web Summit Transport.

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